CNA Classes In Milwaukee

What to expect with your CNA Training


If you’re not sure what a CNA is or what they do, you come to the right place. A CNA is a certified nursing assistant. Basically CNA’s are technicians working under the supervision of nurses taking care of patients. A CNA is called by many different names depending on where he or she is working. In some facilities CNA’s may be called certified nursing assistants, nursing assistants, assistant nurse technicians, but mostly called CNA is for short. To begin your fruitful career as a CNA you must first find a place to start your CNA training.

Depending on what state you live in will decide what requirements are necessary to get your CNA certification. Obtaining your certification is relatively easy, because most state CNA training courses is anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks. There are two parts to your training, the first part is your classroom time. After successful completion of classroom materials you can move on to the second part of your training, the clinical applications. So basically after a few weeks’ study you can hit the clinics to practice your new knowledge with real-life patients.

There’s many ways to gather your CNA training. The most common is to try contacting your local community college. If your community college is not offering CNA classes in Milwaukee you should try looking up different vocational schools or even look for medical facilities close by who could be offering hands on CNA training. You may even be lucky to find a facility willing to hire you with no education or training and train you on the job with their rules and regulations, although this is few and far between its worth a shot if you’re interested in a career as a certified nursing assistant.

Don’t worry if you have very little or no experience, anyone with the proper CNA training can begin their new career as a Milwaukee CNA. Some people use their training as the first step in towards a long career as a registered nurse. Certified nursing assistants work under the direct supervision of nurses. So you’re looking to become a nurse you may want to look at becoming a certified nursing assistant, getting your CNA training, for an easier transition into the nursing industry.

If you are looking for a challenging yet rewarding career that can keep you busy all day long, then getting your Milwaukee CNA training and becoming a certified nursing assistant is definitely the job for you. Being a CNA is no joke, it’s a stressful job that requires the right personality and professional ability to be able to make crucial decisions under stressful times always keeping your patient’s interests at hand. Your CNA training will prepare you for one of the noblest jobs in the healthcare industry. If you think becoming a certified nursing assistant is the job for you then sign up for your CNA training courses and get started right away.

Where to find CNA classes in Milwaukee

If you’ve been considering becoming a CNA, you probably are also curious as to how to go about such a process. The following attributes are a good fit for a CNA career: kindness, compassion, friendliness, patience and a good work ethic. These things make all the difference in being an effective certified nursing assistant.

CNA classes in Milwaukee can be an decision excellent for people interested in entry-level jobs in the healthcare field. Furthermore, it can allow further opportunity for someone who wants to continue to advance in the medical profession, giving them a chance at feeling out the business.

Wisconsin State approved training courses are required for to become a CNA. These courses will take the applicant through lectures, clinical studies, and lab work. You’ll be able to learn how to manage patients and related procedures with ease. Emphasis is placed on safety and effectiveness in the CNA’s work. Learning to keep the patient’s privacy and dignity is paramount in importance as well. All you’ll need to enroll in these courses is a high school diploma or related document. Typically being over 18 years old is a requirement as well. Taking a TB test us required ahead of time, and if you have a criminal record it is possible that you may not be eligible for these classes. This depends, of course, on the nature of the arrest and the crimes in question.

There are many locations where CNA classes in Milwaukee can be found. Healthcare locations often provide certification for certified nursing assistants. Some will actually hire fledgling CNAs and provide no-cost training as a benefit. Community college is an option as well, as are various allied health schools. Consider too that Red Cross locations may provide access to CNA Training coursed if you want to pursue it seriously. Many of these options are available online, where training is not only cheap but easily scheduled. Obviously the finalization of your certification must be done at a healthcare facility. Completing a training course is required to take the certification test to become a certified nursing assistant. Make sure that you attend all course sessions and that you don’t miss any clinical labs. Many Wisconsin CNA courses are considered incomplete if you miss a single session. The exams required to become a CNA include two major parts: The clinical portion, which includes various lab elements, and the writing portion, which covers the many details inherent in the daily elements of the job. After passing both parts, you can immediately begin looking for work as a nursing assistant.

CNA Training can be Challenging

Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant can be as challenging as it is rewarding. The challenges start day number one with your Milwaukee CNA Training. What I kept in mind was that the training was the beginning of a journey to a wonderful career as a CNA. It really is easy to do. First get into a school offering CNA classes in Milwaukee, then an entry level job to learn some much needed and valuable on the job experience. These easy first steps provide you with a world of possibilities and opportunities to anyone willing to do what it is necessary to improve there life. Each year you will find new and exiting programs to expand your training and improve your skills as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Becoming a CNA isn’t the most glorified job in the health care field. However it is by far the most needed and in most cases the most respected. Employers from clinics, to hospitals to nursing homes will tell you finding a quality CNA that cares for there patients and wants to be helpful while continuing there education and enjoys helping others is hard to find. Completing your training helps keep the high standard of care of patients as well as keeping you informed of new methods of caring.

Those people in your care are counting on you to assist them in even the smallest and simplest of daily things. Helping your patient sit up or sit comfortable, or making a bath, or taking care of something they need without them having to worry about it. These little things make all the difference to patients that need to be able to relax as a part of there care. Some patients will tell you that your service to them is worth more to them then the medications that they are taking. Helping your patient enjoy a stress free environment while they recover or even if it is there last days of life will be more rewarding then any job you have ever had before.

Many Wisconsin registered nurses have been employed as Certified Nursing Assistants in there past and used that position to gain knowledge in jumping forward to there new careers. A high number of nurses used their Milwaukee CNA Training as a tool to get into the registered nursing jobs. As almost any nurse and they will tell you beginning at the bottom as a CNA and using there CNA Training school to climb up the latter was a good life lesson.

A good Milwaukee CNA Training school will ensure that you have all the required and necessary skill needed to do a good job as Certified Nursing Assistant. Finding a good program is easy with all the certification programs all most community colleges as well as many online schools. Having a big heart and lots of compassion as well as 6 to 12 weeks of school and training is all that is needed to start your new careers as a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Is there value in online CNA Training?

As with many internet-based courses, the popularity of online CNA Training has increased substantially in the last few years. With many colleges and universities taking advantage of this widespread technology, and offering online degrees, learning is becoming both easier and and more accessible. When managing a full-time work schedule, traveling to and from school can often be a burden. The newly popular online CNA Training allows one to manage responsibilities at work and home, while still pursing education and advancement in an additional field. While not all of the training can be managed online, much of the knowledge needed can be memorized on the Internet for later testing and classroom application.

Determining the pros and cons of CNA Training online has stirred up controversy. Whether for good or bad, every interested party must make up their own minds about the benefits of web-based CAN Training and related education. For most, online CNA Training is an amazing opportunity to get education in a convenient way. There are constructive points to to be made on both sides of the argument. It is important to realize is that a nurse’s assistant will not be executing any medical procedures. While their job is still very important, this is an important thing to note when considering online CNA training. Furthermore, while theoretical knowledge can be acquired on the Internet, a part of the course will be managed in person, at a clinic.

In addition, online CNA Training is in no way effected by a lack of attendance or tardiness. With an education taking place on the web, a late teacher or gridlock traffic will not be a detriment to your progress. Personal emergencies will not keep you from missing important information or lectures. Simply go to the online CNA Training classroom when time allows. Also, there are a number of chat rooms or discussion boards that can provide answers to a student’s questions.

Examinations and certification are handled the same way for everyone, and in accordance with Wisconsin State law. Whether studying online or at the school campus, every potential CNA will have to pass these tests to be certified. No matter how much of the CNA training is taken online, the tests are administered in person. A specific test date is provided by the school, and every student is expected to be well prepared.

For some, online CNA Training isn’t what is best.

Arguments against web-based training and education are equally valid. Since CNAs in Milwaukee are an important component of a team of medical professionals, they need to be excellently prepared. A personal interaction between teachers and their students is important from the complete transmission of data. There are many who learn better in a set educational environment, without the distractions of home around them. Could it be that video learning is not serious or comprehensive enough to prepare a student for state level testing.

For good or for bad, online CNA Training is here to stay. Deciding whether or not it is functional is completely up to the student in question. A self-motivated student will likely do well no matter what environment they learn the material in.

CNA 101: A Crash Course about CNA Advanced Training

There are a lot of people who cannot afford the expenses of going to a decent college but still dream of having successful and rewarding careers. That is because they want the kind of financial stability that can be offered by a good solid education. Fortunately, there are now training programs being implemented that can significantly raise a person’s stand with regard to being qualified for careers, which normally could only be attained when a person earns his college degree. The CNA or certified nursing assistant training is one of the many training programs being offered today. Thanks to Advanced Milwaukee CNA training, it is now possible for a person lacking a medical degree to earn credentials that will enable them to work in a hospital and deal with patients. The certified nursing assistant training gives anyone who undergoes it, the licence to provide basic patient care in the hospital or in a residential facilities, and nursing homes.

A person who has undergone CNA advanced training in Wisconsin earns the benefit of the possibility of having permanent employment. The rapid expansion of healthcare guarantees that there will be a constant stream of demands for certified nursing assistants. This can only mean that a CNA will always have room in the medical field. After all, CNAs are regarded as important assets in the field of medicine who hold a high level of experience. Not only that, a certified nursing assistant can also be hired to take care of patients in a private home setting.

A certified nursing assistant is also open to other opportunities of career advancement. Aside from working in hospitals, people who have earned CNA training can work as preceptors – a certified nursing assistant who trains newly certified CNAs. No longer are the less privileged confined to less rewarding jobs that can render them unsatisfied. Undergoing CNA training could be the best decision you could make. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity now and have a successful and lasting career without taking a huge toll on your expenses.

Train Well and Work Well

If you wish to be a Milwaukee Nursing Aid, you have to undergo some CNA Training first. This training will help you become a better nursing aid than you hope you could be plus it is really required. No one gets to be a nursing aid without the training and the certification. You may ask: why is it so important?

CNA Training is important because:

1) This training will help you in terms of the practicalities of your job. Your job is to train to be a CNA and learn what nurses do? They take care of the lives of the patients when the doctors are not in. If you do not know yet, the doctors rely on the charts that were done by the nurses especially in terms of the vital signs. If you do not know how to take the vital signs or you do not even know the four components of vital signs, you might as well just quit. Nursing aids also assist the nurses in terms of giving medications to the patient. If you didn’t have enough training, how would you know prescriptions? Remember that doctors use acronyms and medical terminologies in the prescriptions. How would you know how many times a day should the patient take the medicine? You might say that it’s okay because you are just an assistant to the nurse. However, you should not think of your job like that. You are an assistant but the nurses would also rely on you. You are not being monitored all the time. You will not be spoon fed which is also the reason why you should get proper training so you’ll be able to work with minimal supervision.

2) The CNA classes in Milwaukee will also keep your job. If you are good with your job, your superiors will trust you as well as your patients.

Train well so you can work well.

CNA Licensing Requirements In Milwaukee

Obtaining a license as a certified nursing assistant is the primary prerequisite for a career in nursing.  The specifications for acquiring a license vary state- and location-wise.  A few general conditions that must be kept in mind to apply for a license are:

Age: The age requirement for a candidate applying for a certified nursing assistant course is over 18 years.

High School education: Some states require the candidate to have finished a basic education of at least eight years inclusive and covering courses relevant to applied knowledge and essential biological awareness of the human physiology or display proof of familiarity of the subject.

English language: Knowledge and understanding of the English language is essential in order to be able to speak with patients and their families in the language.

Transcripts: Ensure all official college curriculum transcripts are available at hand to show to the licensing authority to prove authenticity.

Background checks: The state undertakes to carry out a background check to establish no criminal record.  Ideally the candidate should not have been involved in situations like driving under the influence of alcohol, domestic violence, or any kind of careless behavior that could place the lives of patients or their relatives in jeopardy.

Wrongdoing: There should be no administrative record of findings in the local, state, or any other Wisconsin CNA registry showing instances of neglect or abuse or else the application will not be considered for a license.

Course Duration: The complete course takes a minimum clinical training of 40 hours and a maximum of 75 hours under the supervision of a trained nurse in a medical facility along with the necessary theory required.  There is no pay during this period.

Aptitude test: On completion of the course, a written exam is required to be undertaken to prove competence.

Requirements for an Aid nurse license ensure that a qualified nurse will be issued a certificate for the special treatment that they are trained to give for a particular medical condition by standard common procedures and practices.  The safety of patients, the medical staff and the families of patients is the primary requisite for the position of a nursing assistant.

Personal Hygiene for Nursing Assistants

Appropriate dressing and personal maintenance is important in almost all professions. For Nurses and Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs), professional appearance and personal hygiene is more important compared to any other professions. It is a reflection of how a CNA will take care of their patient’s personal hygiene. Certified nursing assistants who are particular about their personal hygiene clearly show their commitment to their profession. Since, CNAs are in the profession of maintaining the daily well being of others, it is necessary that they show their ability of maintaining their own hygiene.

You can perform your duties as a CNA with ease if your clothing is comfortable and suitable for your job requirements. Being in an appropriate dress is required for nurse and other clinical personnel. Nursing assistants have to wear nursing scrubs while performing their daily job. The style or color of scrubs may vary according to the employer but wearing scrubs is a must. It is better to have enough sets of so that you always have a clean set of scrubs for you to wear. As wrinkles give unprofessional look, always wear properly washed and pressed scrubs which will give you a smart appearance. You can get sets of scrubs and accessories for nurses and nursing assistants at affordable price in different stores. Clog style nursing shoes are usually used in almost all working environments. Open toed shoes are normally not allowed for CNA jobs in Milwaukee. Compression hosiery is recommended for persons having troubles with their legs. This will relieve thigh and calf pain caused from long periods of standing. Wear sturdy footwear so that you will feel comfortable while performing your duties. Make sure you are dressed appropriately for your job as a CNA. As a Certified Nursing Assistant has to clothe, feed and help patients all day, you need to tie your hair properly. Your hairstyle should not be a barrier for your work. Keep your nails dirt-free and neatly trimmed. Avoid wearing real or faux long nails which collect bacteria and germs particularly during the cleaning or changing of a patient after defecation or urination. Take a shower or bath, brush your teeth, and wash your hair everyday. Avoid wearing colognes or perfumes as emitting odors is not healthy. Even your patients or co-workers who share close spaces with you may not like such an unpleasant odors. Wear minimum jewelry so that it will not disturb you while treating a patient. And of course, you need to abide by the simplest health precautions like washing your hands properly before and after dealing with patients, to control infections. Each and everyday, you should strive to make yourself an example of utmost personal hygiene.

They may not teach about personal appearance in the CNA classes in Milwaukee, but if you wish to be a successful CNA, you should invest time make sure you are appropriately dressed for the job and maintain a high level of personal hygiene yourself.

How to choose the right CNA training School in Milwaukee?

Certified Nursing Assistants are specially trained technicians for patient care and have to work in various demanding environments. Trained CNAs are hired in hospitals, health care clinics, long term and continuing care facilities, psychiatric care settings or as they can work as home nursing aides. There are many CNA training schools, but selecting a good and effective CNA training program is quite a challenging job. Before selecting a CNA training School, you should take certain factors into consideration. Some of these are as follows:

Location of CNA School

First thing to note while selecting any CNA training school is its location and the distance you need to travel to reach the school. If you prefer not to travel long distance, then you should finalize on school near your residence. You also need to examine the class and school size as some students opt for smaller schools and classes to get individual attention, while others may opt for bigger schools with more students.

Facilities Available in CNA College

If you wish to work as a Certified Nursing Assistants in health care services, the most important factor is practical experience. So while selecting any CNA training school always make sure that it is affiliated with nursing homes, hospitals or any other health care center where you can practice your CNA skills and gain practical knowledge.

CNA school Accreditation Certificate

Select CNA training schools which are reputed and accredited by National League for Nursing Accreditation Commission (NLNAC) or the Commission on Collegiate Nursing and Education (CCNE). This accreditation proves that CNA training school has all the essential standards of education set down by these nursing specialized institutions and this also indicates that you will definitely get best education.

Training Facility at CNA Schools

Certified Nursing Assistants deal with patient care sector. For some one who is a people person becoming a Certified Nursing Assistants is a great job. By becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant you get a certificate from the state signifying that the person has a designated level of training needed to become a nursing aide.

Every state has set up different training regulations to certify the Certified Nursing Assistant. According to the Federal government a qualified CNA should have ninety-one hours of training which includes sixteen hours training under the supervised clinical environment. So the key factor to consider while selecting any CNA training school is to check the training facility available for CNA training. Before taking admission, visit the school and go around to find out the training facility available.

Tuition Fees of CNA Training Course

Tuition fee for CNA training differs from school to school and is based on many other factors like whether you are a out-state or in-state student and whether the CNA school is public or private. Many schools offer scholarship and this can help to all those needy and prospective CNAs to cope with their finances though the scholarship policies may differ according to the school and it is always better to inquire about the available CNA scholarship before taking admission.

To get better idea about CNA training school and its quality you also need to interact with recent graduates from the respective schools or current students who are on the better side to guide you. You can also do it online if the CNA school has any discussion forums. Other than these CNA training schools, free CNA training is also available at some institutions where you’d have to work for them in return of the training received. Another option is online CNA training courses. As you are going to invest your valuable time, money and energy in this CNA training, it is important that you choose the proper CNA training school which will help you to become qualified Certified Nursing Assistant. So always investigate properly before taking admission in any institution.


If you wish to get a sense of what’s involved in the CNA test and to know if you are ready for taking the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP) certification exam conducted by the American Red Cross, sample test questions for CNA will surely help you. This is a must if you are considering becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). The written CNA exam contains questions related to all the skills that a CNA must have. You can get a clear idea of the nature of questions asked in the CNA exam. Your performance on the CNA test, administered by the American Red Cross will depend on how well you can answer the sample test questions. Thus, Sample testing questions for CNA exam can certainly help you in getting ready for NNAAP certification exam, and also in achieving high scores in the test. The first section of the CNA test is the written exam which consists of 70 multiple choice questions. Some of the typical questions will test the candidate’s knowledge in areas like

Sample Test Questions for CNA Written Test:

  • What care should be taken in hand washing?
  • What is the best way for the nurse’s aid to prevent spread of infection?
  • What is the function of an ombudsman?
  • What are exercises called which move each muscle and joint?
  • What do you mean by Fowler’s position?
  • Ten ounces is equal to how many cc?
  • What is a measurement of urinary output?
  • What is the first nurse’s aide, if the patient has a deep cut on the forehead?
  • What part of a sweater is put on first, in case of left-sided weak patient?
  • How often position to be changed for a patient who is on complete bed rest?
  • How the nurse should enter the room of a hearing impaired patient?
  • What is the best way to talk to a confused patient?

There will be hands on portion in which you are asked to perform five skills which are selected randomly. Here candidate is being watched in action and rated by a nurse evaluator. This practical test gives CAN candidates the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to perform in any given situation. Few skills generally asked in skill test are as listed below.

  • Feeding a client that cannot feed themselves
  • Performing passive range of motion for a knee and ankle, shoulder
  • Transferring a patient from the bed to a wheelchair
  • Helping dress a client with a weak arm
  • Helping patient with using a bedpan
  • Providing catheter care
  • Measuring and recording a patient’s weight, blood pressure
  • Recording radial pulse, and counting and recording respiration
  • Measuring urinary output and keeping record of it
  • Shampooing a patient’s hair in bed
  • Providing foot care, fingernail care or mouth care
  • Positioning a patient on their side

You will learn the various patterns of question and answer by practicing sample tests. Preparing for the CNA test by getting familiarize with the sorts of questions that will be asked in the exam, will definitely help you pass the exam.

CNA Test Preparation

Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant requires hard work and dedication. However, it is worth the efforts once you pass the certification exams to become a CNA. This is a challenging career through which you can take care of sick, disabled and aged persons and also get a good salary. The CNA certification examination is quite tough but not impossible to pass. The CNA certification exam consists of a written exam followed by a practical exam. If you have already attended CNA training classes and are contemplating whether to take the CNA exam, or if you are just considering if the CNA career is for you, CNA sample test questions can help you guage that. The best way to get ready for CNA certification written exam is to attempt sample CNA test questions. Sample CNA test questions can make a big difference in your overall performance of CNA exam. Sample CNA test questions can help you to find out if you are prepared for taking the NNAAP (National Nurse Aide Assessment Program) certification exam. This test is administered by Red Cross CNA Training. The written exam is the first part of the CNA certification test. The written examination consists of (70) seventy multiple-choice questions and (10) Ten of these questions are non-scored (pre-test) questions which are meant for collecting statistical information. Thorough knowledge of written material will also help you in skills section.

The written exam contains questions on patient care, laboratory procedures, record keeping and other skills that a CNA must have. Success in written test is all yours if you’re attentive in class, studying your assignments and notes and preparing before you go for the test.

The second test followed by written test is Skill Evaluation test. This practical test is followed by the oral examination – sixty (60) multiple-choice questions and ten (10) reading comprehension or word recognition questions. There will be hands on portion in which candidates are asked to perform five skills which are selected randomly by the evaluator. Here candidate is watched in action and rated by a nurse evaluator. This practical test gives CNA candidates the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to position patients in bed, take temperatures, and perform other necessary procedures. The practitioners watch you to see whether you can perform your task stepwise. They even watch your ability to perform in given situation. Your confidence and detail attentiveness does matter a lot. The candidate has to perform all five skills successfully in order to achieve NNAAP (National Nurse Aide Assessment Program) certification. Passing the CNA practical skill exam in Milwaukee depends on your confidence and knowledge of tasks – what you are doing and more importantly, why you are doing it. Sample testing questions for CNA written exams can help you to prepare yourself for CNA exams. Your knowledge and confidence depends on how much efforts you take to prepare yourself for CNA test. In the next post, we will consider some sample test questions for CNA test which will give you a good idea about the test.

CNA to LVN – How the Transition Is Made

You have the option to become a licensed vocational nurse (LVN), if you are already a certified nursing assistant (CNA). LVNs earn on average 50% more than CNAs and have better career prospects. Making the CNA to LVN transition is not an easy and simple task, but it is perfectly possible.

There are bridge study programs available for certified nursing assistants to become registered vocational nurses. These are specifically designed for students who have completed the basic part of their nursing education. Generally, your credits from your CNA course will be taken into account, so the LVN training will be shorter and less intensive compared to the standardized one for people with no relevant education and experience.

CNA to LVN Training Programs

The CNA to LVN training courses are designed to be flexible so that students can go to work while studying. Classes are organized in the evenings and on weekends. It is also possible for you to sign up for an online transition program. These are readily available and usually offer the highest level of flexibility and convenience you can require.

The entry requirements for transitional programs vary from one state to another depending on the regulations set by the local state’s board of nursing. Hence, you have to check the criteria applicable to you. In general, you will be required to have worked as a certified nursing assistant for some time, such as 50 months (which is the case in California). In addition, there are usually some clinical specialty requirements regarding the number of hours spent in pharmacology, pediatrics and maternity or genitourinary.

The cost of the CNA to LVN programs differs depending on various factors. In any case, you can expect your tuition fees to be no less than a couple of thousand dollars for this type of LVN training. Still, financial support is available. You can get grants from the federal and state government and even some form of financial aid from your employer to complete the LVN program of your choice.

When choosing a career, one of the most important questions is how much you will earn. You should definitely learn more about the LVN salary you can receive as a licensed vocational nurse. Keep in mind that the information provided is from statistics. These are average figures, so you can readily expect to earn more or a little bit less on the job.

The annual average LVN salary is $39,030, according to the latest data available from the Bureau or Labor Statistics. You can expect to earn less, if you work in a doctor’s office. The work is less intense than in a hospital and usually requires the performance of simpler procedures. That is why LVNs working in offices of physicians receive on average $35,020 per year.

LVN Job Description

As a licensed vocational nurse, working in a general medical and surgical hospital, you can make around 38,080 a year. This is an average figure. Your LVN salary will depend on how much experience you have and on how many working hours you have per week. In addition, some hospitals with larger budgets can afford to pay more to their nursing staff.

Nurses providing home health care services earn approximately $39,510 per year on average. This type of employment is not particularly popular, but statistics shows that it is very well paid. Still, you should look into the specifics of home health care services to see what the job requirements, responsibilities and working hours are.

If you work in a nursing care facility, you can expect to get an average annual salary of around $40,580. The job is often demanding and the work schedule is busy and not very flexible, but apart from the good remuneration, you will be able to advance in your career more easily.

The nurses working in the field of employment services receive the highest annual LVN salary equal to $44,690. The job positions in this niche of LVN nursing are plentiful so finding a job after you complete your LVN program shouldn’t be difficult.